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DC ROUND-UP: Black holes and revelations in COLLAPSER #1

Young Animal’s newest book features a musician with literal darkness inside him.

DC ROUND-UP: Did YOUNG JUSTICE just get zapped to Kingdom Come?

Yep, along with some other alternate Earths you might recognize

DC ROUND-UP: LOIS LANE and DCEASED Form Two Halves of a...

Take a summer stroll as we muse about how two new DC books connect with their audiences.

DC ROUND-UP: A secret weapon powers DIAL H FOR HERO #4

...and his name is Joe Quinones.

DC ROUND-UP: Jimmy Olsen slips, lands in some high expectations

Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber deliver a comic unlike any DC has published in decades.

DC ROUND-UP: EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 Has Us Wondering Who to Trust

This summer's big Superman event poses a question: how would you like to TRULY change the world?

DC ROUND-UP: The Slow-Burning BATMAN

Is it getting hot in here?

DC ROUND-UP: HEROES IN CRISIS is Better Than You Think

We wanted Wally back, right?

DC ROUND-UP: SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE Tells an Old Story a New...

An advance review of Frank Miller's and John Romita Jr.'s take on the Man of Steel's origin.

DC ROUND-UP: HIGH LEVEL #4 is the best trip through post-modern...

Checkout our reviews of High Level #4 and Superman #11!

DC ROUND-UP: Barry Allen Goes Back to Year One in THE...

The latest issue offers a new look at Barry's early days

DC ROUND-UP: DCEASED #1 Hates Social Media & Life Itself

We review the start of DC's latest apocalypse: DCeased #1