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Your Ultimate Guide to San Diego Comic-Con vs New York Comic...

Okay this may be a little slanted to the journalist's side of things, but I think everyone will find something to relate to in...

Surprise! Raina Telgemeier tops indie bookstore graphic novels sales

While researching the previous item, I cam across this every other month chart of graphic novel bestsellers in indie bookstores, via the ABA. It's about what you'd expect, with Raina Telegemeier and Allie Brosh, Noelle Stevenson, Kate Beaton and Saga reigning supreme. In other words, the unstoppable forces of mainstream comics acceptance. A little surprised that no Walking Dead on there, but the new season hadn't debuted when this chart was made.

Survey of Italian comics retailers reveals a similar Indie/Big Two split

Federico Salvan of the Italian comics news site Manga Forever dropped me a line to alert me to a retailer survey on the state...

Comichron has all the tables you want about 2012 and the...

We often wonder what writer/industry analyst John Jackson Miller does for fun. Is it really crunching sales charts? Looking at his extensive 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures round-up, it doesn't seem to be anything else. The above link will give you his estimates of the top 100 comics and graphic novels for 2012. Here's his analysis of these charts. Including this interesting metric:

Spider-Man and Walking Dead top December sales

Marvel maintained its top publisher spot in both inits and dollars for December, as Diamond released preliminary charts for last month. The Marvel Now books made up 6 out of the top 10 comics, topped by the final issue of Amazing Spiderman. DC's Batman titles had a strong showing, however. Over in graphic novels, Image pretty much crushed it, not just with The Walking Dead but strong showings for Saga, Chew and Fatale as well, making for one of its strongest monthly shares in a while.

Just how accurate is BookScan anyway?

Colleen Doran spills the beans gives some metrics on what everyone knows—Nielsen's Bookscan Numbers are way low. Especially, it seems, where comics are concerned. She cites several books she has worked on, comparing her royalty statements and Bookscan numbers:

Indie Month-to-Month Sales July 2012

By Paul Mellerick 

For a rare change we get the number one book this month, as Walking Dead #100 breaks records all over the place. Saga and Buffy are still doing decent numbers, while the third Valiant relaunch, Bloodshot does very well too. Elsewhere, Adventure Time and the Trek / Who crossover continue to punch above their weight, while new licensed Transformers and Crow titles launch strongly for IDW.


145 indie books charted this month, up on last month's 135. The bottom book sold 4,187, up on last month's 3,302. They sold approximately 1,717,229, up on last month's 1,344,491, the difference being almost entirely made up of Walking Dead #100. Average sales are 11,842 per book, also up on last month's 9,959, but without Walking Dead it would have been 9,448. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.


Out of the 145 books, 27 went up in sales, a little less th

Sales Charts: THE WALKING DEAD, DC on top in July

The Walking Dead #100 led the charts in July, even as DC just barely edged out Marvel in both dollars and units—a sign that Marvel NOW can't come soon enough perhaps. BATMAN: EARTH ONE led the graphic novel charts, topping a strong month for DC. Sales were generally flat from June, although remain much higher year to year. Comics were down a tad while GNs declined in dollars but gained in units.

Comics sales up 40% over last year for May 2012

Diamond has released their preliminary information on May's sales charts, and Marvel is back in units and dollars—both hard won victories—while AVX topped the singles chart and the New 52 trades topped the books charts quite handily.

Comics sales are up 40% from May 2011 —so if you want to know if the New 52 was a sales success, there's you answer right there.

Marvel tops March sales charts behind AvX

Marvel bashed its way back to the top in March, winning both dollars and units and the top book with AvX #1. After getting shut out of the top 10 books for the last few months, they had three books, including the AvX 0 issues and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1. AvX #1 is invoiced for March although it only went on sale yesterday, in April, because it shipped to retailers a week early. Comparative charts showed March 2012 pretty flat with 2011, with only graphic novel sales up appreciably -- and that's because of a surge in WALKING DEAD VOLUME 1 sales. This perrennial led the GN chart yet again, buoyed by the TV show no doubt.