Support #ECCCOnline Day 1: More online exclusives from Funko, Volante Designs and more

Companies and creators are offering their ECCC exclusives online!



§ Day 1 of #ECCC2020 on Earth-2 if our timeline wasn’t messed up today! Whilst sitting in self-quarantine, even those who don’t require it, there’s more you can do besides shop online during this virtual Con. Although “cancelled,” digital experiences are on the rise in this first wave of futuristic events. In today’s coverage of #ECCCOnline, we’ll be highlighting online streams that are expecting special guests and artists scheduled to go live via #VVSN (Very Very Shopping Network) by Jen Vaughn and Very Very Spaceship Studio on Twitch.

§ Mitch Gerads from the Strange Adventures artwork fame jokes about the unspoken 

§ Superhuman streetwear expert Volante Design will be live streaming on Twitch till Saturday to talk about Star Trek designs, indie comics, Level Up Dice and more with the people behind them. Full schedule here. AMA included!

§ Funko decided to reign the first-purchase experience online for those who won the Funko Drawing and how they can exploit their online store for exclusive products. Let’s face it — not all of us are lucky! So the team is live streaming throughout the week for fans to participate in. Get ready for giveaways, unboxing, ECCC 2020 exclusives, contests, familiar Funko faces, pop culture talks, product hints AND a tour of Funko HQ store during #FunkoVirtualCon. Don’t worry if you missed the streaming, they are all available online here. Con exclusives will be available to everyone tomorrow 7 a.m. on their website store so buckle up!

§ For All Nerds is selling pronoun lanyards with a 10% discount and attending the #VVSN 


§ Join Liana Kangas of She Said Destroy by Vault on her Twitch stream on Saturday like you were hanging out with her at the Con. Surprise guests are expected  



§ Kangas is also selling her ECCC exclusives in her online store, including this sweet “Not today, Satan” T-shirt.

§ Comic Artist Gretel Lusky will be accepting commissions (TBA) to make up the ECCC cancellation losses, she disclosed on her Instagram. Yet to create an online space for her Con store, Lusky has a year-round Society6 where you can shop from.  


We’ll have more links and swag spotlights over the next few days.