A special effects technician working on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT was killed when the vehicle he was driving struck a tree, Reuters reports:
The studio said that none of the cast, which includes several Hollywood stars, was involved in the accident that occurred at a special effects facility.

It added that the fatal crash did not happen on the set or during filming for “Batman: The Dark Knight”.

Media reports said the vehicle was following a stunt car, believed to be the Batmobile, at a property near Chertsey, Surrey.
This is at least the second superhero movie related death: A wlder was killed when a crane fell on him during SPIDER-MAN 1 filmikng in 2001. Okay so maybe two deaths in 6 years isn’t a curse. We thought for sure that there was an electrocution on the set of BATMAN BEGINS, but not all of our Googling might could find a reference, so that must have been a figment of our imagination.


  1. Hopefully the families were well compensated for the deceased. To die (unless natural causes) while working on a fantasy movie seems like the dumbest (should NEVER happen) thing ever.

  2. People die during work all the time, especially those who work in hard labor jobs. To call it a “superhero movie curse” is just sad. This is just like the Old Wive’s Tale about people dying in threes. Doesn’t happen.

  3. I know people die at work all the time, but this is different, I mean, they were racing around in a car for goodness sakes.

    It’s not like they were firemen at a fire, IT’S A MOVIE, you would think whoever was in charge would be thinking safety first, hell, just cause it’s the Batmobile, doesn’t mean we have to be chasing it at speeds that kill, ya know?

  4. I most definitely mourn the Lees. I just reread a copy of The Crow from the library, and it was a printing with a dedication to Brandon in it.

    I would hate to die on the job.

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