I can’t remember the last time I saw so much as a polished monocle at a comic-book convention, which is a darned shame. How are we ever going to be taken seriously if we don’t all wear three-piece suits every time we go out in public? Surely you’re not going to charm Dan DiDio into revealing his plan to bring back Wally West whilst dressed in an old Luke Cage T-Shirt, are you?

No, you’re going to want some kind of crisply-ironed suit, preferably with a handkerchief carefully tucked into the top breast pocket.


Which is all my way of introducing you to a new range of superhero-themed suits which were today unveiled by Indochino. Which, according to the publicity photos, will apparently allow you to grow a Green Lantern-style facial mask and catch up on all that cityscape-brooding you’ve fallen behind on over the last year.

This is an interesting new development, as it suggests companies are now seeing a correlation between comic-book fans and dapper outfitting which previously was only represented through Kieron Gillen’s fabled all-white convention tuxedo.

It’s a nice range, in all seriousness, and it’s always fun to see unexpected companies turn their attention to our demographic. Their range is comprised of six suits, two blazers, two raincoats, four ties and two pocket-squares – and it’s almost certainly the only thing stopping you from persuading Joe Quesada to let you write a new Adam X ongoing series for Marvel.


And although the suits do have slightly more in common with Lex Luthor’s wardrobe than anything you might see Clark Kent wearing, it’s a nice change from the bland marketing campaigns you see all-too-often from fashion companies. It’s surprising that it’s taken so long for design companies to catch on to the visual design of comic-books, and retool it for their own products.


Go forth, suit up, and get brooding, America!


  1. Do they have secret pockets for gadgets, or at least some kind of thermo-resistant / kevlar-esque type of material?

    I agree with the other comments… there’s not much here for our colonial roots to take pride in. Dare I say… not even a bowler hat.

    In fact, these crisp suits would most likely get me mugged in the city on the assumption that I’m on par with Bruce Wayne. Perhaps the experience will bring the vigilante out of me.

    Especially after the sticker shock. These are not cheap cosplay suits.

  2. Perhaps The Spirit…

    As for your comments about wandering the convention floor, I usually sport a blazer, as it has multiple pockets, and allows me to stand out. I can go casual (even add a Gaimanesque t-shirt), or add a tie.

    Sometimes, a nice pin can be used as a boutonnière, to add a bit of geekiness to it. If it’s a very informal jacket, I’ll add other buttons, like the punks.

    But since the top creative people at DC and Marvel dress like the aforementioned t-shirted fans, with not much style, you’re not going to see much change in how people dress.

    Unless… the Tributes start showing up at conventions, cosplaying the extreme fashion of the Capitol denizens seen in the Hunger Games. One attendee at C2E2 suggested I try “Seneca Crane”, but my beard is not thick enough to replicate his velvet wallpaper.

    Does the New 52 Penguin sport a monocle?