§ After ROAD TO PERDITION became a big-time moviola, author Max Allan Collins followed it up with two sequels in the novel format, Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise. Now it seems he’s planning to write and direct films based on the sequels:

Here’s a snip from the release: “Road to Purgatory will follow the character of Michael Sullivan, Jr., the son of Tom Hanks’ character in the original film, who returns from World War II with a new determination to avenge his murdered father. His quest ultimately leads him to Frank Nitti, whom he is urged to kill on the orders of Al Capone. The second sequel will follow Sullivan’s continued plight.”

Looks like the third film will be called Road to Paradise, and that the second film will be dedicated to the memory of Paul Newman. Classy move. And since the franchise is now in the hands of the man who wrote the source material, we can move forward with some confidence that the follow-ups will be worth seeing. More on these sequels as info becomes available.

Collins has been making films for a while, (including a film on crimefighter Eliot Ness) so it’s not such a stretch.

§ Poor Grant Morrison has evidently been in the same room as people making a Flash movie, but he can’t talk about it or say anything really, except to say that he can’t say anything, which is still sorta saying something.

“Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I can’t talk about,” Morrison said. “Yes, I have talked to them. I’m deeply involved in those discussions. I know what’s going down with all of that, and it’s actually really exciting. But beyond that, I can’t say anything. I wish I could tell you. I’m sure announcements will probably be made at some point, but I can’t say anything.”


  1. Well, hopefully if anyone listens to Mr. Morrison about a Flash movie, they’ll remember to keep it fun. The Flash isn’t The Batman.The Flash is about a decent guy (who’s a comic geek!) who puts on a costume to help people and to fight villains who use ice guns, fire guns, flying shoes and magic mirrors.

    And a psychic gorilla or two.