200901080318§ Mickey Rourke is completing his “comeback” by playing a villain in IRON MAN 2, it was widely reported yesterday. Sam Rockwell is also playing a villain. Or at least they are both “in negotiations,” which means someone sent them a script. However, just who each will be playing is a matter of some confusion. One might play the Crimson Dynamo, but someone might play Whiplash, or maybe it’s Justin Hammer…and what’s this about the Black Widow? Oh heavens to Murgatroyd! What is this all about???? Devin Faraci at C.H.U.D. spends a lot of time puzzling out the truth:

Of course it’s possible that Justin Theroux and John Favreau have simply decided to take the character and concept and run with it in a new direction, possibly merging Whiplash and the Dynamo. Or maybe they’re wrong about Rockwell as Hammer – he’s way too young, for one thing – and he’s actually Whiplash. That almost makes more sense when you look at Whiplash’s history as Stark engineer gone bad.

A simpler explanation might just be that deadline-pressed and/or poorly-briefed trade writers just got it all jumbled. Anyway, Mickey Rourke AND Robert Downey Jr. in the same movie? All that’s needed is a cameo by Dr. Drew.

§ Writer/producer, Hollywood insider David Goyer confirms what many have been saying: All DC films at Warner Bros. are on hold until they figure out how to do it just right:

When asked about several projects he’s been involved with – i.e. Supermax, The Flash – Goyer said in a recent interview with IESB, “A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out, they’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause on at the moment. It was the double header of both Iron Man and The Dark Knight coming out, so more than ever I think they’ve realized, I think DC was responsible for 15% of Warner Brother’s revenue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books, it’s become a new genre, one of the most successful genres.”

§ P.S. We saw THE WRESTLER the other night and it gets 100 percent from The Beat. A truly excellent film in every way. Maybe we’ll write a little review somewhere, some time.


  1. Says somewhere that the director of the animated “Horton Hears a Who” is up to do Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin as the man hisself.

  2. Goyer seems omnipresent on nerd TV this week, with his movie coming out.

    I keep waiting for someone on TV to ask him about Starman or JSA.

  3. Hasn’t Mickey Rourke always been cool? I remember how much he stood out, when I first saw him in “Body Heat”. My favorite has to be “The Pope of Greenwich Village”, though. Doesn’t Robert Rodriguez deserve much of the credit for revitalizing Mickey Rourke’s career? He took a chance and used him in both “Once upon a Time in Mexico,” and of course, “Sin City.” I’ll see “The Wrestler” this weekend. He’s back!

  4. Mickey Rourke has amazingly always retained his coolness (the guys loved “Greenwich”, the ladies “9 1/2 weeks”) despite his carreer inexplicably loosing steam -it’s good to see him getting back on top. Can’t wait to see the Wrestler, and can’t wait to see hopefully your review.