Arrow transmogrifies into The Green Arrow (Image via Spoiler TV)

Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of the CW’s Arrow, has been doing the interview circuit this week. In interviews with TV Line and TV Guide, he discusses Oliver Queen’s love life as well as the character’s evolution from Arrow to The Green Arrow (via TV Line and TV Guide)

In other CW DCU news, casting for the network’s new Wonder Woman origin series, Amazon, is underway. A casting notice was leaked to Deadline, then later confirmed by the show’s producer, Allan Heinberg, and DCE’s CCO, Geoff Johns (via Deadline and /Film)

In DCU casting news that’s outside of the CW network, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s people have shot down the rumor that he will be playing Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie (via

Over on the Marvel end of the casting spectrum, Ian McKellen is totally psyched to be reprising the role of Magneto in X-Men:Days of Future Past, while Hugh Jackman will reportedly return as Wolverine (via Huffpo and Heatvision)

In Guardians of the Galaxy news, Marvel is currently testing actors to play Peter Quill (via Deadline)

And super pretty boy newcomer, Brett Dalton, has been cast as Agent Grant on Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. (via TVLine)

Kevin Fiege talked to Empire Magazine about Iron Man 3 and says that Ben Kingsley makes for a totally awesome Mandarin (via Empire Magazine via

Chris Hemsworth also spoke with He likens the “Viking element” in Thor: The Dark World to the backdrop of Game of Thrones (via

The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale airs this Sunday, December 2nd. There is a Latin American television promo which features the debut of comic book canon fan-favorite character, Tyrese, as played by The Wire’s Chad Coleman. Also, here’s an interview with Milton, the mad scientist of Woodbury, in which he discusses how he was cast in the role and teases that viewers can expect an ongoing power struggle with him and Merle (via Spinoff Online and

Andrea whips it out in The Walking Dead mid-season finale (Image via Spoiler TV)

Lastly, Brian K. Vaughan is on a quest for world domination of all media. I sincerely hope that it does not disrupt the delivery of Saga in any way shape or form that he is now signed on to produce as well as write the CBS TV adaptation of Stephen King’s 2009 bestseller, Under the Dome (via Collider)

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  1. I’m disappointed that Under the Dome is going to be on broadcast television. It would have done much better on one of the premium networks or even a cable network like FX.

    That said, congrats to BKV on the project finally making some headway!

  2. Man, how dumbed down is BKV’s script going to have to be for CBS? Will a CBS intern go in and remove all words over three syllables? Good luck, Brian, but network TV? Yeesh!

  3. As nerd culture expands and sweeps into many other walks of life, I am finding myself taking a certain pride in not taking in part in quite all of it.

    “You’ve been THE WALKING DEAD, right?”
    Nope. Not one episode.

    I’m sure it’s great, but as our little chunk of the cultural landscape expands, I don’t feel a responsibility to take part in all of it any more. It will be fine without me. I’ve other things to do.

    It’s great to see some stability in our bailiwick.

    And that’s why I don’t feel bad about the fact that I’ll be skipping THE HOBBIT, too. But hey! A WONDER WOMAN show? I’m all about it. AMAZON is a great title. Smart move, crew!

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