Darlings, gather your coffee, cross your legs, and sit on the floor as you read about what’s been happening in the comic-book movie world over the last few days. Culture is happening!

Director Marc Webb tweeted a picture of Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon, soon to be known as Electro, on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2013) Jamie Foxx as Electro

I’d rather take the Donald Trump comb-over over that hideous Electro mask from the comics. Shortly afterwards Dane DeHaan tweeted an image of himself as Norman Osborn moments after Jamie’s picture went live. DeHaan starred in the fan-favorite Chronicle movie, but I’ll always think of him as Cricket from Lawless. (via EW and Twitter)


Iron Man 3 finally debuts next Friday in a dark theater near you, and there will be a special treat for those of you that decide to see it in IMAX (via Disney press release):


Exclusively for IMAX fans as part of the IMAX 12:01 program, those attending midnight shows of Marvel’s IRON MAN 3 in the first hours of May 3rd will receive a limited edition IRON MAN 3 print featuring original artwork by renowned artist, Jock.

This artwork is a collaboration between Marvel Studios, IMAX and Mondo, and will be the last print in the IMAX 12:01 series.


Bryan Singer was nice enough to share a glimpse of the beautiful — and pregnant– Halle Berry in her Storm costume for X-Men: Days of Future Past on his Twitter account. [Note from Steve — Hey, Brian. I know you follow The Beat religiously. You’d better put some darned shiny CGI on this outfit, to pep it up!]

general zod

Michael Shannon was asked how his portrayal of General Zod is different from anything we’ve have seen before in the upcoming Man of Steel film.

If you’re still not convinced that Shannon is not right for the part, kneel before your screen and watch this video of him reading a girl’s insane and equally hilarious letter to her sorority sisters at Funny or Die (Warning: don’t watch if  the words “c*nt punt” offends you). (via io9)

Finally! Feast your eyes on the new Thor: The Dark World UK teaser trailer. It’s got elves and Sif and fighting and Sif and surprise cameos! And Sif. Natalie Portman looks like she’s going to be captured quite a lot, but luckily Sif should be around to help her. #sif

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  1. Brian – actually yeah, we call them book-to-movie adaptations or just plain old film adaptations if they are indeed based on a novel or book. It’s quite a big thing within the publishing industry.

  2. I’m also in the camp that believes a comic book movie needs to be adapted from a specific comic, and not new stories starring characters associated with comic books.
    Ghost World is a comic book movie.
    X Men was not.

  3. “Shortly afterwards Dane DeHaan tweeted an image of himself as Norman Osborn moments after Jamie’s picture went live. ”

    Dane DeHaan plays Harry Osborn, Norman’s son. Not Norman Osborn himself. Norman Osborn will be portrayed by Chris Cooper :)

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