Anne Hathaway is starving herself to fit into her Cat Woman costume for your viewing pleasure. She does look pretty neat in one of the new photos of heavily armored vehicles just released from the set of The Dark Knight. Also at the link is a pic of Gary Oldman who’s returning as Commissioner Gordon.  (Via MTV Splashpage)

Robert Downey Jr. talks The Avengers and Iron Man 3 to the Hero Complex (via The LA Times)

The first inklings to the plot of Man of Steel were leaked online this week via a very sorry casting agency (via SupermanHomepage)

Wah? Huh? Bradley Cooper was going to play The Crow? Apparently, due to scheduling conflicts the decidedly un-crow-ish looking actor has bowed out, leaving rumors of even more offbeat casting for the title role in his wake for the upcoming, litigation riddled production from Relativity. (via THR)

Speaking of offbeat casting, here’s news of some that appears to have worked: Colin Farrel, along with the rest of the Fright Night cast and crew is getting some solid critical buzz. The remake of the 1985 flick currently has a Rotten Tomatoes meeting rating of 72%. I’ll say it again, ‘cos I’ve said it before, you can’t go wrong with Christopher Mintz-Plasse as a vampire minion toady (via Rotten Tomatoes)

Is Marvel too hung up with The Avengers to move forward with The Runaways? (via Indiewire) One things for sure, The Avengers sure is keeping people interested. Check out the pic at the link of a crashed alien spaceship, bitches. (via Comic Book Movie)

Another day, another tidbit of Game of Thrones casting news (via Den of Geek)

Absolutely no one who’s anyone wants to be in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies though (via IGN)

And last but not least, your boyfriend, Ryan Kwanten, talked to Spinoff Online about his so far very well received turn in the limited release film, Griff the Invisible. Have a good weekend, people!


  1. Avengers… I’m thinking Skrulls. Which would be rad, but under-utilized in a movie… they’re aliens who can shape-shift. Unless it’s a “Secret Invasion” storyline, where the Skrulls have been sleeper agents since the 1950s…

    Too bad Tommy Lee Jones was used in Captain America… that would have been a cool cameo as a black-suited SHIELD agent!

  2. Which would be rad, but under-utilized in a movie… they’re aliens who can shape-shift.

    How would they avoid running into the SECRET INVASION problems? The storyline had the Skrulls bleeding green blood, sporting green-tinted eyes, and, presumably, having green-tinted skin. The readers weren’t supposed to notice all those plot holes, apparently. Energy beings don’t have the biological problems, but they don’t have actual bodies, either. They can do impersonations perfectly, at a distance.

    I’m not objecting to shape-shifting on principle; it’s just that any method of impersonation that involves physical alterations, mass-shifting, etc., can be detected with a bit of thought. The best method of impersonation might be telepathic, broadcasting your fake identity to everyone around you, but that can be defeated by other telepaths and cameras.


  3. Not to mention that it can be defeated by other telepaths and cameras. So, avoid cameras and make sure there’s not yet another telepath in the area (can’t throw a stone without hitting one these days), and you should be a-okay.