By Shannon OLeary @shannonsplanet

Everyone’s wondering what Warner Brothers will do now that the end of Harry Potter is upon us. One save-the-day idea being thrown around is getting the long awaited adaptation of Vertigo’s Fables off the ground. The director of the first four Potter films, David Yates, is reportedly being pursued by Warner Brothers to helm. (via NY Magazine’s Vulture)

NOT COMICS: Speaking of the bling bling wizard kid that can do no wrong, Harry Potter is already breakin’ rekkids and the weekend ain’t even started yet (via Deadline)

20th Century Fox just acquired Archaia Entertainment’s graphic novel, Rust: Visitor in the Field by Royden Lepp (via Deadline)

KINDA COMICS: Game of Thrones was nominated for an Emmy in the best Drama category. (via Deadline)

io9’s got some truly mad clip action going on for Captain America, True Blood The Walking Dead and more in today’s edition of Morning Spoilers

There was all kinds of Old Boy news this week. Spike Lee is set to direct the Mandate Pictures’ remake of the Chan-wook Park film (based on the manga by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya that’s published in the US by Dark Horse). There’s also a rumor floating around that Josh Brolin will play the vengeance hungry leading man. (via The Beat and Spinoff Online)

In other manga adaptation news, the long stalled Warner Brothers live action Akira film now reportedly has Jaume Collet-Serra (of Unknown fame) directing. The somewhat troubled production also just got a hefty budget cut from 140 – 90 million. I really hope this movie gets made and that the final product isn’t totally whitewashed. It kinda saddens me to hear that my favorite anime of all time is considering determinedly un-Asian actors like Andrew Garfield for the leads. (via Spinoff Online)

But I’m all for Andrew Garfield as the new spidey! Yum yum. Check out this pic of Garfield in the spidey suit on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s annual Comic Con preview issue

Legendary has hired in demand screenwriter, David Goyer (who’s also working on Warner Brother’s Man Of Steel) to rewrite their upcoming Godzilla reboot (via Deadline)

This week’s highly successful launch of the web comic spinoff from the TV series Burn Notice proves that comics media tie ins are an evolving game with lots of unexpected twists, turns and revenue streams (via The Beat)

Lastly, sorry for the late-i-tude of this week’s SCR, I had a loooonnnnggg night at the National Air Guitar Championships last night (don’t ask. please don’t.) and I’m still recovering. But I’ll be as chipper as a chipmunk on crack for this Sunday’s season premiere of Breaking Bad – where viewers will be treated to a first look at the new season of The Walking Dead (via Spinoff Online).

Toodaloo, duders. I’ll see ya live from Comic Con next week!


  1. Do they really need a ‘name’ screenwriter to do the Godzilla film? I think they should pay more attention to the look of Big G (keeping him consistent with the classic Toho version) and that of any other kaiju that appear. I’m not saying that I don’t want a decent script, but we are talking giant monsters here.

  2. Have you seen the previews for this TV show that’s starting up that is really, really a FABLES rip-off?
    So bad.

    I do love FABLES, tho. Good stuff! It would make for fun movies.

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