Reviews of X Men First Class are generally coming up roses (via EW, WaPo, etc. Although it has its detractors, including Rogert Ebert, who gives it an amused, tepid thumbs up, sorta.

The Mighty goes to Paramount The rights for The Mighty, an antihero, superhero comic from DC, were purchased by Paramount. Of note, as DC Comics properties are typically adapted by parent company, Warner Brothers. The Mighty’s rights, however, are owned by series creators Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne (via CBR)

The Walking Dead faces zombiepocalyptic-esque budget cuts Director and Producer Frank Darabont fears proposed budget cuts from AMC will hurt the show. It takes scrilla to make grody monsters look good and not goofy, people. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Superman Reboot rumors abound (via io9) My favorite one is Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) playing Jor-El. Although I’m still a personal holdout for Hamm as Luthor, even though neither one of those roles will give him much of an opportunity to take off his shirt. Maybe we’ll learn more when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns make their next big DC announcement after screenings of Superman I and II at The LA Times Hero Complex Festival next week? (via The Beat)

KINDA COMICS Jane Espenson talks Torchwood, Once Upon a Time, and Game of Thrones Buffy writing alum Jane Espenson talks about writing the latest episode of Game of Thrones, which many viewers and critics assert was the best yet, and her new SyFy show, Once Upon a Time, in a lively interview with Jenna Busch at The HuffPo


  1. Saw midnight show of X-Men: First Class last night. Some stilted performances, especially January Jones as Emma Frost, but I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly much more fun than most superhero films. Fassbender is terrific as Erik/Magneto, and Kevin Bacon is a treat as Shaw.
    There’s a great cameo too.

    FYI, there’s nothing after the credits. Two-thirds of the audience waited to no avail.

  2. I was bashing X-men from all the promos. Then a friend talked me into it and I saw it.. and it was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I was so upset about a film from promos and then was surprised how good it was. It thought from many promos the characters would be way off. Nope. It was one of the best X-men movies. Hell, one of the best Marvel movies.

    Oh and the people that stayed in my theater, which was a midnight show in the middle of Harvard Square, booed when nothing was at the end.

  3. I saw X-Men and was pleasantly surprised. The theater was packed with Male and Females and more than a handful of womens in the 50’s. Everyone seemed to like it. I thought it was really good. Entertained me.

  4. Have to agree… X-Men was first class all the way, although i did miss Stan.

    And the Easter egg. Those were long credits to sit through to no avail.

  5. X-men: First Class works because it’s an ensemble. The teamwork is what made the comic fun, and it holds for the films, too. I don’t think the Solo tales are as good.

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