Thief of Thieves

Robert Kirkman’s latest Image comics series, Thief of Thieves, is now in development with AMC TV with Kirkman writing and executive producing and Chic Eglee as the showrunner. For now, the comics book series, which Kirkman conceived while working in The Walking Dead’s writer’s room, is being written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn Martinbrough. And with that, I’ll bet anyone reading a pair of my mom’s underpants that I won’t be able to get through a single week this year without an Image Comics film development news item…(via Deadline)

It’s almost Avengers O’Clock, people! Joss Whedon talked to the denizens of Reddit about that and all the other nerdy little things they love him for – like a rumored 2nd installment of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. (via Heat Vision)

Aaanndd not like you didn’t expect it, but here’s a bunch more Avengers clips, yo. Like this one of Tony Stark and Loki facing off, getting down and tearin’ it up and a couple more. Also, some Hollywood analyst guy is giving his, um… analysis of why The Avengers will kill Batman this Summer with it’s dollah dollah billz summoning ensemble cast. (via Spinoff Online,, and E! Online)

After last week’s jump in ratings certified it a hit with staying power (and to absolutely no one’s surprise), HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for a third season. Here’s interviews with Richard Madden and Kit Harrington who play half-brothers Rob Stark and Jon Snow respectively to get you all tingly with anticipatory excitement for this Sunday (via Deadline, The Insider, and TV Guide)

Deadline reported this week that “animation remains the most profitable genre of movies.” Shannon reported in turn that someone needs to tell Deadline that animation is a MEDIUM not a GENRE and expects Beat readers to agree with her on that, at the very least(via Deadline)

Eek! Tango Pictures is developing the simply and descriptively titled novel, Bedbugs, by Ben H. Winters. Quirk Books, publishers of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, also published this bestseller – making it a must-read in my “book” as it were. Bedbugs, while gross and universally feared, have certainly been fertile ground for creative New Yorkers in recent years… (via Deadline)

Check it: Here’s the poster for Looper (image via /Film), which stars my boyfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as past and future versions of one guy out to kill each other/himself/themselves against a backdrop of black market, mafia and time travel intrigue. Here is an interview featuring clips with JGL and Looper‘s director, Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Brick, which also starred Gordon-Levitt (via

And to close out this week, here’s some remarks from The Amazing Spiderman‘s director, Marc Webb, who’s telling us that his Spiderman trilogy will tell the up to now untold origin of Peter Parker over the course of the three films (via Splashpage)