Archer (Image via EW)

Archer, the wildly successful animated show that surpasses even Mad Men in the number of drinks the characters consume in a single episode has been renewed for a 4th Season. The Emmy and Annie Award nominated FX cartoon has been averaging about 2 million viewers per episode this season, up 32% from last season. And keerist, I hope I make it home in time tonight to be one of them. (via HuffPo)

The trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s retardedly titled Comicon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope has debuted on the interwebs and is available for your viewing pleasure at the link (via The Hollywood Reporter)

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! There are more Walking Dead production leaks floating around, this time on an IMDB message board. This one says the next episode is Shane, Rick and new soon to be half-legged survivor, Randall, centric. Spinoff Online also has a pretty neat behind the scenes clip of just what it takes to make everything look all zombie awesome on the show.

In this week’s John Carter ramp up news, Andrew Stanton will have you know, among other things, that there’s been no budget overage, damnit! (via Spinoff Online) Also, two of the film’s stars Taylor Kitsch and Willem DaFoe say they’re contractually obligated to do sequels (via /Film)

Bleach is getting the live action treatment from Warner Brothers (via The Beat)

Mark Millar (Image via Daily Record UK)

Mark Millar talked all kindsa sh*t this weekend about the Kick Ass sequel and an American Jesus adaptation to Scottish news rag The Daily Record, then neither confirmed nor denied it on his own message board (via The Daily Record and MillarWorld)

In other sequel news, Red 2 is in the works, also courtesy of Warner Brothers (via Spinoff Online)

But that’s not all in the land of second go-arounds: although it’s still in the very early stages, the X-Men First Class sequel’s scribe chats up to MTV’s Splashpage

The Hunger Games advance ticket sales are blowin’ up, y’all! Deadline reports they’re rivaling previous advance ticket sales for Twilight showings. I’m gettin’ mine tomorrow. (via Deadline)

Speaking of Twilight, twi-haters take heart, Sparkle Vamper, Robert Pattinson says he will soon be too old to play the teenaged-appearing Edward (via Reuters)

In other baby vamp news, a nine year old kid has been cast as the head of the Vampire Authority in a recurring role on Season 5 of True Blood. Just when I think it’s gone over the edge of dumb, True Blood does something to draw me back in. I’m a sucker for a centuries old vampire stuck in the body of prepubescent child (no pun intended. that would be gross). True Blood returns to HBO this Summer (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Aaaanndd to close out the week, here’s word of very inteeerreesssttting sounding new animation pilot – Working Class Hero stars Patton Oswald as a family guy with a super-hero government job. The show is being co-written and executive produced by American Dad co-creator and executive producer, Mike Barker (via Deadline).

That’s it – peace out, bros and hos. Have a nice weekend!


  1. I still haven’t watched Archer yet because I’m sad Frisky Dingo never took off. God, I loved that show.

  2. @Chris Hero by which I mean, you need to move past your frisky dingo depression. if i can move past my dollhouse related depression and go see the avengers, you can do this. i know you can.

  3. “In other sequel news, Red 2 is in the works, also courtesy of Warner Brothers (via Spinoff Online)”

    – I’m pretty sure Red and it’s sequel were produced and distributed by another film company, Summit Entertainment. DC Entertainment was involved but not Warner Bros.

    The interesting story behind this movie was Greg Noveck, the former DC SVP tried to get Warner to make the movie, but they passed. And the movie did better than the other Warner Bros-DC movies that year – The Losers and Jonah Hex.