• Despite a 70 percent drop-off, TWILIGHT stayed atop the Thanksgiving box office. But it got some competition from a film where Sandra Bullock mentors an offensive tackle, proving that teaming up somebody small and cute with somebody big and scary (but likable) still works!

• The first official photos from THE LOSERS have been released!
Sexy, aloof, multiethnic team of tough guys? Check.

Hot chick in a lacy tank top? With guns? Double Check! Sign us up.

• Codpiece alert! EW has revealed stills from an episdoe of Smallville that features Doctor Fate, Stargirl, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.
Green-Arrow-Hawkman L1

Doctor-Fate-Stargirl L1

It is definitely a comfort to us that we live in a day and age when television producers take the time and effort to make sure that a Dr. Fate costume doesn’t look stupid when worn by a real actor.


  1. “It is definitely a comfort to us that we live in a day and age when television producers take the time and effort to make sure that a Dr. Fate costume doesn’t look stupid when worn by a real actor.”

    Well…I wouldn’t go that far.

  2. The Stargirl costume is horrendous. I can’t imagine someone actually wearing that in public. But I’ve never been a superheroine, so what do I know?


  3. This the show where they don’t want Clark Kent in costume becuase it would look dumb.

    I guess they made these suits to prove it.

  4. Aw, man… These costumes definitely have pluses and minuses. I love love love the Dr. Fate helmet but the skintight costume just doesn’t seem to match it. Also love the Hawkman helmet but those wings… Stargirl seems ok but that hard plastic mask…

    Ah well. I grew up with Adam West Batman and Debra Winger Wonder Girl. The world will survive.

  5. As a Smallville non-viewer, I had no idea that there were actual superheroes running around in capes and tights on the show. I’m just…surprised.

  6. Considering she’s exposing her stomach and wearing what appears to be a 100% cotton long-sleeved t-shirt, I’m not sure protection is a good argument for an ugly mask.

    On a related note, I just realized they do at least have her using the Jack Knight version of the Cosmic Rod, and even though it’s at a weird angle in that shot, it looks pretty great, really!

  7. I have not known much about Dr. Fate over the years (even as a comic book fan) but I always thought his uni was definitely one of the coolest looking ones around! :)

  8. sigh…

    i miss the tick…

    (also, is it just me or is hawkman’s junk sitting on that table? it looks like GA’s in danger of a thanagarian mead-bagging… i only bring it up because heidi made sure in the article that the first we would do is check out everyone’s crotches )

  9. I’m glad I haven’t been watching the show for at least a few years now.
    I thought the whole point of Smallville was to present superheroics without the goofy costumes. Has the mood stayed the same throughout the show or has it degenerated into camp? I’m asking this because when Hollywood “faithfully” copies a superhero costume to the big screen, it always looks silly. On top of that is the awkward walking by the actors and the cheesy characterization.
    DC should stick with the merchandising like Loony Tunes does or did. (About a decade ago, Tweety T-shirts were popular with teenage urban African American women) They shouldn’t be making the mistake of thinking that anyone wants to watch obscure characters that no one cares about and presented badly.

  10. holy sheet, Hawkman’s got a plastic mace! Plastic! Green Arrow sure looks like he’s in danger of a good ramming! I’ve got to see this episode to to see how pure little Green Arrow’s @$$ makes it out of this one !

  11. As a regular watcher , ( I know I should have quited, but I’ve been rallying behind this show ever since I was a WB employee- and I want to see how this train wreck ends ) I saw the preview clips at the end of the last new run episode of the year and they showed the Sandman running around.

    It’s a good bet that Geoff Johns is behind the writing of this one. He wrote last year’s Legion of Super heroes’ episode.



  12. Presumably, with them still calling the show “Smallville” yet nothing taking place there, we can expect “90210” to move to Africa next year.

  13. Too much sculpting on Dr. Fate’s suit. It should be a flexible leather (or even, gasp!, suede) suit or even just put him in denim jeans, dark blue tee, yellow belt and the helmet (which is perfect as is). Or maybe this picture just shows much more of the detail than what will be visible in the actual episode. I’m willing to wait.

    Second, Courtney’s costume is great except for, yes, the mask. It should be a domino mask or even goggles. This is even worse than the ridiculously impractical make-up job for Black Canary’s “mask” on the show for the past two seasons. I’d really like to see how Bart would react to Mia and Courtney, though.

    Third, hopefully, they’ll CGI the past eight years out of Michael Shanks’s paunch.

    Despite my qualms, these are all good enough for the first time around. And in Stargirl’s case absolutely perfect except for the mask. I would expect that they’ll tweak what needs to be tweaked for any future appearances.

    Finally, I think the show’s the strongest it’s been since just before season four, when they introduced Lois and it degenerated into the “Superman is a liar and a dick” disaster it was through the end of season 7. That they’re adding more DCU characters — even though, yes, it’s a blatant retcon of previous Smallville continuity, in which few superheroes, with the possible exception of at least one Flash, existed before Clark started fighting the meteor freaks — is a bonus. As long as the updates are largely reasonable adaptations (getting a mask or two wrong here and there isn’t enough to get ticked about), then more power to ’em as these additions give the show more merchandising opportunities and thus, more financial reasons for the show to continue.

    — Rob

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