Since leaving his job as Publisher of Marvel Comics, Bill Jemas has been taking on many unusual projects besides 360ie, his IP branding company. For instance, he’s been translating the Bible. And he’s also been trying to bring peace to the world and promote green causes via Peacepaint, a clothing company featuring eco-friendly designs.

“Peace first. Ask questions later,” declared Bill Jemas, 360ie CEO. “Our fall 2008 line revolves around the world peace movement.” Mr. Jemas, former Marvel Comics Publisher, co-created the ID line with accomplished graphic designer Farrah Gross, 360ie’s Art Director. “We work with dozens of freelance artists and have created a beautiful collection with many diverse messages. But to start, we decided to focus on peace art with peaceful messages.”

To support the broader Peace Movement and publicize its own peace-apparel line, 360ie is launching – a website that aggregates information about the cause and links to major peace-oriented organizations. also comes with an eye-catching twist – exhibiting the best ID designs in body paint on some very sexy canvases!

What does that last part mean? Well, basically that painting these designs onto sexy girls is a good way to get attention! Can’t say we disagree.

Can you find the panda bear?

§ Meanwhile, what about toy magnate/comics iconoclast Todd McFarlane. What’s he been up to? He hasn’t been sued lately, so he’s kind of dropped out of the news, aside from ongoing cutbacks at his McFarlane Toys. It seems he is thinking about making a new SPAWN movie, and has some ideas for casting and so on, such as a role for Leonardo DiCaprio as a Sam or Twitch-like role:

“It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that. It’s not a big special effects movie, it’s a character movie, so I could shoot it in 40 to 50 days and you don’t have to budget that much time.”

[snip]Although Todd wants Leonardo to play a detective, it is unlikely to be either Sam or Twitch, the two famed officers from the original comic series, as he is hoping to work on another project focused on the two characters.

He added to MTV News: “We had Sam and Twitch in the book, but because of some of the stuff I’m trying to sell in Hollywood, we might have to change the characters a bit.


  1. For totally voyeuristic reasons, I clicked through to the Jemas site. It’s even funnier than you describe. While it would have been merely a little sleazy (while pretending to be virtuous) to have sexy models with body painting to promote his clothing line, what he actually has is even cheesier–photos of naked models with what to me looks like photoshop-created “body paint” designs. Which I’m sure was much cheaper than hiring actual models and actual airbrush artists and actual photographers.

  2. “It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that.”

    When I was a teenager Leonardo DiCaprio came into the comic book store I worked at, all the time. He was pretty cool, but seemed a little perplexed that I didn’t know who he was. When he’d tell me about the movies he was in (at the time) I thought he was talking about bit parts, or as an extra. I’ll give that boy mad props for not saying something like, “I’m nominated for an Oscar for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, you moron.”

  3. Is it just me or does Todd McFarlane appear once a year to talk about that Spawn movie and then we never hear from it again till next year?