You may have seen all this already, but there are some pics from Stardust online. You’ll recall this is the film version of the Neil Gaiman novel, illustrated by Charles Vess. Michelle Pfeiffer in a cute little goat-cart! Man, that is nice.

RussellcoralineIsn’t there a new graphic novel edition of the story by Gaiman and P. Craig Russell in the works? We saw that somewhere in our link farm but lost it. Okay sorry we are stupid. It is CORALINE that Gaiman and Russell are adapting, and Neil himself has the link, where Russell has post THREE PAGES OF ART from the book, which will be published by HarperCollins. They have requested no copying so just click on to see the lovely pages.


  1. DC will be issuing a new hardcover edition of Stardust with additional paintings by Charles Vess. P. Craig Russell is making a graphic novel of Coraline with Neil to be published by HarperCollins. Details at Neil’s site with links to art at P. Craig’s site.

  2. That goat cart ain’t so cute, in context…

    Stardust is one of my favorite GNs, ever. If you have even a wee bit of fantasy fanboy fannishness in you, I suggest you buy yourself the thing for the holidays.