In October 2021, a new series arrives: Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows by Daniel José OlderDavid Wachter, and Giada Marchisio, with a cover by David López and a variant cover by Ario Anindito and Rachelle Rosenberg. The comic will feature a noir-style mystery that draws from many of the other High Republic story lines.

Trail of Shadows variant cover by Anindito & Rosenberg.

The series will introduce two new investigator characters, Jedi Emerick Caphtor and Sian Holt, who are hopefully slightly better at the whole “private detective” thing than Obi-Wan Kenobi proved to be in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Trail of Shadows

The High Republic era was initially announced as “Project Luminious,” a Lucasfilm publishing initiative set in the distant history of the Star Wars galaxy, featuring the Jedi Order at the height of their powers.

Initially scheduled to begin in August 2020, the realities of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for The High Republic to be delayed until January 2021.

On January 5th, 2021, The High Republic launch took place, with three books being made available, including The Great Jedi Rescue by Cavan Scott. And speaking of Scott, Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows will tie into several of the other High Republic storylines, including his upcoming novel, The Rising Storm.

According to the press release, Older thinks this story is just wizard:

“There are so many weird and terrifying threads to unravel here, and David Wachter’s excellent art fits the mood, urgency, and depth of this story perfectly. I am beyond excited to be working on this thrilling, creepy, delightful story.”

Landing at your Local Comic Shop this Autumn 

If you’re interested in checking out Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows, you can do so at your local comic shop in October 2021. Be sure and let The Beat know if you’re checking out the series, either over on social media @comicsbeat or here in the comment section!