We got a little misty eyed, in all honesty. What did you expect? We’re nerds. Sadly, no teaser of the Eric Bana/Karl Urban steambath fight though! We’ll just have to imagine how it will look.


  1. Heidi-

    I’m assuming you have seen the remastered episodes….They may be the greatest geek thing that has happened to me since the LotR movies were released.

    The remastering and new effects are like watching these for the first time. It’s amazing amazing and wonderful and marvelous and all that other Gershwin tune business.

    The new FX for THE CORBOMITE MANUEVER and GALILEO SEVEN alone are enough to get me all gooey inside.

  2. I love that the internet has no double-standard regarding jokes that can be made by female and male writers covering comics.

    Imagine the outcry if I suggested a steam-bath fight involving Jennifer Love Hewitt and Angelina Jolie. I’d be blogged in effigy.

  3. Anon — what would be so unusual about that?

    Humor is always funnier when it comes from a less powerful viewpoint. That’s a fact.

  4. BTW, that “cool” was for the trailer, not at Anon’s comment.

    This is my reference on Anon’s comment:

    You suggesting a steam-bath fight involving JLH and Angelina Jolie would be you expressing you purient interests.

    Heidi intimating that a steam bath fight between Eric Bana and Karl Urban would be in the Star Trek movie is humor because it subtlely references the nude fight scene with Viggo Mortensen from Eastern Promises, as such a scene which would be out of place in a PG friendly Star Trek film.

    And perhaps a bit of her purient interests as well, which is okay with me because I don’t think the world should end if a woman finds one or more famous men attractive. Seems the double standard is that women aren’t allowed to express that but men feel entitled to.

    Not that you need my clumsy defending, Heidi, just saying in my interpretation, I found your comment funny, as I believe you intended it to be.