Non-comickser SPX report — he went for the webcomics:

The expo was really cool. I hadn’t been to a convention before, and it seems this one is a good one to start out at. It was very grown-up, very nice and artsy and people tended not to have costumes or anything. Just a lot of hipsters hanging around with tables covered in absolutely breathtaking art. I picked up a copy of Two-Fisted Science, which I’d seen on BoingBoing, and blabbed at the author for a while.

Non-attendee Chris Butcher recalls SPX’s of the past:

The car rides down have been a big part of the fun as well, as 8-10 hours trapped in a car with people really cements friendships and puts the trips into perspective. It certainly did for those Toronto cartoonists I mentioned, who stayed friends right up until the bitter, blood-soaked end.

Last year was probably the craziest, we put eight people into a mini-van barely designed for seven with no luggage, and stopped to pick up what looked like a 14 year old hitchhiker at a gas station. In reality, it was actually the dude who does Perry Bible Fellowship and he won an award and stuff at the Ignatz’s, which is great, but… definitely an odd year. No con report either, just pictures of Eric Kim sleeping.