This is far from a complete link dump, it’s more just things that struck our fancy,

¶ The Critics Panel at SPX was much discussed. You can either read about it, in Johanna Draper Carlson’s precís


you can LISTEN to it at Sean T. Collins‘ recording! An age of wonders!


Leah’s Stuff has the above marvelous picture, which we have ganked, in addition to a charming account of her activities, because it was THAT kind of show. Also: Colleen Venable, must you be so photogenic?

Soo Lee has some piccies.

Forces of geek shares an interesting notion for the end of year Skip Week:

One thing I did at his show, which is very different than anything I had done before, was visit each and every table, and try to make contact with each and every creator, and hand them a flier and give them a pitch for an event called “Indy Comic Book Week.” The ICBW is the brainstorm of Vinh-Luan Luu, who realized that on December 30, 2009, the Wednesday after Christmas, Diamond Comics Distribution, in an effort to cut costs and save money, will not be shipping any new product to any of the thousands of stores world wide that depend on them for delivery. For one week, when you walk into a comic book store, with a pocket full of holiday cash and gift cards saying to your friendly comic book store proprietor, ‘What’s new?” the answer will be, “Nothing,” unless the forces of the indy comic book world can organize to fill the shelves of receptive retailers with new product.

David Welsh is a must read. David very kindly does not mention meeting The Beat, because at the moment he said “Hi”, we a) had to pee REALLY, REALLY BAD, and b) were so hungry that we were completely lightheaded and didn’t even know who he was. Apologies to David, who is indispensable.

The alert nerd recap

Robin Ha’s exciting news

Comicsgirl had a swell time.

¶ Initially, we were very amused by the writeup by Jack at Not For You Studios

There was a surprising amount of handlebar moustaches amongst the very youthful happy youth of the very young. Moustache wax must’ve been on sale, verily, or demons possessed them all. The three-quarter hat is the very height of indie fashion, as it turns out. We have all very much seen Newsies, as it turns out. It was a brisk very Saturday on this very fateful very-berry-berry Crunchberries. Mmm. Shit, man, it, like, rained hard, dude.

And then we read what he had to say about the moderator of the Jeffrey Brown panel:

It was also discovered, as well, that Jack finds the moderator for this panel to be a dull, dull woman with dull, dull questions.

Well now, smarty pants, the audience had many chances to speak up, so you could put us all to shame, so swagger it, my cock-a-whoop.

That said a) it is still a funny writeup and b) having moderated and appeared on something like 536 panels this year, we really should write up tips and tricks (or learn some) one of these days.

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  1. OHHH…they were doing lumberjack day!! hehe! :)

    I thought it was an attempt at Alan Moore day! ;)

    And that pic of Dave R. and Rainia T. IS adorable!

  2. I’ve found that fake facial hair draws attention to the eyes. I never let myself be photographed without the beard anymore.

    Thanks for posting that! I love that picture so much I want to ask the DMV to swap it on my license.

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