Here’s the replies to our annual call for debuts at SPX. A couple of notes on the list: we notice a high preponderance of CCS grads in our email box, meaning either they were taught to promote themselves or else they are all just Beat readers. Also, for even more SPX news and debuts, check out the Comics journal’s list here.

PS: more debuts and pre show excitenment at this TCJ thread.

• D&Q: Anders Nilsen’s Big Questions #10, Laurence Hyde’s woodcut classic, Southern Cross, and Tove Jansson’s Moomin Volume Two.

• FBI:
BEYOND PALOMAR by Gilbert Hernandez —
PERLA LA LOCA by Jaime Hernandez —
NEW TALES OF OLD PALOMAR #3 by Gilbert Hernandez
BETSY & ME by Jack Cole

• PictureBox:
Powr Mastrs by C.F.
Maggots by Brian Chippendale
New Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama
Storeyville by Frank Santoro
Cold Heat Special #1 by Jon Vermilyea and Frank Santoro
Wu Tang Comics by Paper Rad
Hey Guy B• From the Center for Cartoon Studies, Alex Kim and Chuck Forsman will unveil a split mini called Hey Guy that features 2 stories about people talking.

This was a fun book for us because we swapped scripts and drew each others’ stories. We will be at the Sundays booth #H2 next to One Percent Press. We will also have a limited number of Sundays available for the SPX.

Julia Wertz from FART PARTY notes her new collection of funny autobio comics.

It chronicles, in gag strip form, a relationship & it’s demise, my work and life in San Francisco. The book will be debuting at SPX, published by Atomic Books with a forward by Peter Bagge.

Spadefoot 04

Matt Dembicki has a new mini comic:

‘Spadefoot’ #4 continues the adventures of a swashbuckling amphibinoid and his crew of misfits as they try to topple the trecherous Hellbender. By Matt Dembicki and Andrew Cohen. Mini-comic, 20 pages, full color, $1.50.

Ae 11 12• Over at Comics Bakery, Dave Roman has a new book:

Astronaut Elementary Lessons 11-12 by Dave Roman (40 pages)
The fall semester is wrapping up and it’s time for parent-teacher conferences and holiday parties before the students leave for winter break. This book introduces a rival school made up of tanuki (raccoon dogs) that compete against Astronaut Elementary in the deadly sport of Fire Ball!

TEEN BOAT #8 is also coming out!!

Pc6Cover Web03 1TUGBOAT PRESS brings
Debuting at SPX from Tugboat Press (Table D9) is Papercutter #6, Guest edited by Alec Longstreth. Featuring comics by Longstreth, Ken Dahl, Juliia Wertz and Laura Park. Laura Park was the darling of MOCCA 07, just sayin’.

Marek Bennett brings
MIMI’S DOUGHNUTS ZINE Issue #12 to the Trees and Hills Comics Group at table “G1”. Bennett also has some new comics appearing in the Trees and Hills Sputnik-themed anthology, “New Stars”. “My comic describes the effects of Sputnik on… well… on the career of the REAL King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

Onlyskin• From Sean Ford cometh Only Skin #2

Only Skin issue 2 continues the New Tales of the Slow Apocalypse story line, picking up where issue 1 left off. In the issue, Paul and Albert find out new information about the girl who appeared in the diner at the end of the first issue and are both at a point where they must make some decisions. Cassie makes a disturbing discovery at the gas station and heads to town in search of information.

Sean will be at the Sundays booth and notes that you can read both issues of the zine online here..