Another digital comic is making the jump from screen to page. Dark Horse Comics will bring Sparks, the popular webcomic from cartoonist Revel Guts, to print in a series of collected editions beginning next year. Sparks, Volume 1: Portals will collect more than 150 pages of the fantasy series.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Sparks, Volume 1: Portals:

In a world rising from the ashes of destruction, Human society thrives only through their complex alliance with the magical Satyr.

Philo has always been the worst student in his class at the academy, with powerful magic he can barely control. His lack of ambition and discipline is about to catch up with him as graduation day looms. When he’s paired to train together with the aloof star student Atlas, Philo’s magic backfires, teleporting them both far from home. Now, their futures depend on them working together to make it back to their school in time. 

In just a few short days, the pair find common ground that their years of classes together never managed to build, and at some points Philo questions if he didn’t have the wrong idea of Atlas the whole time–wondering if their struggles to get home might plant the seeds for something bigger. Meanwhile, powers outside the academy are setting plans in motion that may change both of their lives. 

Creator Revel Guts launched Sparks as a webcomic back in 2021. The series is available to read online via Tapas, where you can read 475 pages of the series, or via Guts’s Patreon, which currently has 562 pages of the comic available to read for supporters.

In a statement announcing the new print collection, Guts expressed his enthusiasm about Sparks reaching a new audience:

“Sparks has been my passion project for the past 3 years,” said Guts, “and I’m so excited to be teaming up with Dark Horse to see it in print! I hope everyone who loves epic fantasy plot lines and juicy queer romance will have as much fun reading it as I have creating it.”

Look for Sparks, Volume 1: Portals to arrive in bookstores on Tuesday, July 16th, 2024, and in comic shops on Wednesday, July 17th, 2024.