§ Chris Butcher and his macro lens are having a great time in Japan!

§ Chris Mautner looks back at the majesty of David Mazzucchelli’s RUBBER BLANKET (above) and wonders why it hasn’t been collected. YEAH, David? WHY HASN’T IT?

§ Newbies ahoy: here’s A guide to comic books throughout the decades by Brendan Kachel, Wichita Comic Books Examiner, right from the Yellow Kid to The Dark Age.

§ Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are still planning a US version of OLDBOY. Crazy! But the Japanese publisher, Futabasha, is pulling out all the stops to prevent this. CRAZIER.


  1. Mautner’s comment about used copies of the RUBBER BLANKET issues being “pricey” is correct. A search on turned up ten copies. Issue #3 can be had for as little as $17.50, but the one copy of issue #2 costs $108. Yikes!


  2. My guess is Mazzucchelli did the colors with rubylith film so it would have to be all re-done, not that I think that’s a HUGE impediment but it would add to the expense/time/pain.