You ever notice the increasing amount of digital comics sales these days?  As usual, there are multiple large sales going.  This is where we point out a couple of them to you and make a few recommendations on things you might be overlooking.

First up and running through Monday on Amazon and Comixology is the Scott Snyder sale.  At this point, I’m going to assume you’ve at least heard of Snyder’s Batman run with Greg Capullo and Metal.  You should already know if you’re interested in that.  What you might not be aware of is some of Snyder’s earlier work. American Vampire is the Vertigo series that follows a new kind of American vampire (as opposed to the vampires of the old world) from the Old West through modern times and is what first got Snyder’s name out there.  The first volume also has some work in it by noted comics dabbler Stephen King.  It’s worth a look and Rafael Albuquerque’s art is not going to hurt your feelings any.  Give Snyder’s first series a look while you’re contemplating Bat-purchases.

The next biggie is the “Marvel Masterworks Sale.”  This one is consolidated into one category on Amazon, but has three separate sections on Comixology.  (Those floppies bulk it up.)  While the Comixology side of this is incorrectly calling this a Silver Age sale (plenty of Bronze Age material and some of it is even recent), it’s mostly classic material as collected in the “Masterworks” line of reprints.  Calling out some things that may not have been on sale as recently: Doctor Strange was one of the first Marvel series to appear on the page fully formed from day one.  The Lee/Ditko run is an absolute classic and the Doctor has been consistently good throughout that Silver/Bronze period… and not always on sale.  8 volumes are on sale.  Everyone’s still all about Avengers: Infinity War, right?  Well, this Captain Marvel volume is the original Thanos story.  (The next volume with Englehart/Milgrom stories is also pretty good.)  For something a little more offbeat, there’s the Steve Gerber Defenders run.  It’s pretty darn odd, but really good.  That run starts in Defenders, Vol. 3 and runs through Vol. 5.  But there’s plenty for you to browse and make your own selections.  Gerber = genius.


  1. The Gerber Defenders are on sale??? YES!!

    Gerber is criminally under appreciated. I put him up there with the greats like Moore and Gaiman.

  2. Hey Kate, I don’t think any of the Masterworks include letters pages unfortunately – only the Omnibuses (Omnibi? Omniboo?).

    Most of this stuff I can get on Marvel Unlimited, but strangely the early Englehart-Brunner Doctor Strange isn’t, plus it would be nice to read those Ditko-Lee Strange’s without having to flip through terrible Human Torch stories.

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