Anne Thompson has some tidbit on WATCHMEN and a future Superman film from producer Thomas Tull:

An old Watchmen comics fan, Tull wanted in on the film as soon as Snyder pitched it, even though many people have regarded the complex, layered sci-fi narrative about superheroes who are real as unfilmable. After Tull saw a cut of the movie he told Snyder, “You got it. You nailed it the spirit of it and made it come alive.”

“It’s a smart visually stunning movie,” he told me. Of course he’s vested.

He’s also vested in making the next Superman installment, which is still years away, come to life. While Bryan Singer has been working on Valkyrie, Tull and the folks at Warners have been listening to various screenwriters pitch their solutions to how to make the next Superman work. “It’s an iconic character,” says Tull. “After everything that went into the first film, it’s important to make sure that nothing is rushed and we come out with a fantastic second film.” One thing they all agree on: Superman needs a powerful antagonist, a “worthy opponent,” he says.


  1. I hope he turns into a lion in the first act, rules an undersea kingdom in the second, and ends with him facing off against Jimmy Olsen as the giant Turtleboy.

  2. Time for a Superman Begins approach, I’m afraid. Singer’s love note to Donner via Superman Returns should never have seen the light of day. Brandon Routh looks the part, but man was he ever wooden. Give us a new origin story, with a close examination of Krypton, etc.

  3. Also, can we ignore the kid ever happened? Also, the whole leaving Earth? Also, the whole Lois moving on? Also, Cyclops? Also, Lex still.. You know what? Why are they even making a sequel? The last one seemed to paint itself into a nonsensical mopey corner. Really, how do you make a sequel to Superman and his bastard son?

  4. The last thing we need is another superman origin story. Mike has it right when he says it was a love note to donner. Trust me, after that first movie, donner has plenty of love notes, he doesnt need any more. Lets see Darksied, something galactic in scale. Have we really waited this long, in this day and age with cgi being capable of virtually anything, for another lex luthor story? Come on already.

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