By Todd Allen

I’m sure you’ve seen heard of celebrities having perfumes before.  Paris Hilton has one.  As Does Kim Kardashian.  There’s also the category of celebrity driven “fragrance for men.”  Entrants in this category include Justin Beiber, Tim McGraw and Usher.  Add to this list… James Bond?!?  Yes, there’s a “the making of” teaser video for the James Bond Fragrance for Men:

Because you associate James Bond with Paris Hilton and Justin Beiber, right?

You realize if this takes off, you’re going to have Avengers designer fragrances.  I expect the Hulk cologne ad to look something like the following:


  1. I don’t associate a James Bond fragrance with the celebrity-driven.

    Bond is fictional, so his, no matter how high-quality the design team, should be more in keeping with the character/brand tie-in fragrances like (dating myself using Dynasty references) Forever Krystle and Carrington, or that entire line of Star Trek-based fragrances, like Red Shirt (how to smell like a dead man walking) or Pon Farr (some sort of copper based musk?).

    I always figured Bond to be an Aqua Velva man. Moneypenny probably gave him the gift pack every Christmas.