This week’s Small Press Spotlight is designed to give you the creeps–in a fun way, of course. We’re turning our attention to Second Sight Publishing’s Shook! A Black Horror Anthology. The historic horror anthology was funded on Kickstarter in December, featuring a collection of scary tales from black creators. 

A collaboration between John Jennings Studios and the publisher, writers include top comic talent such as Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia, The Mandalorian, Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog), Kevin Grevioux (Blue Marvel, Return of the Djinn, Brothers Bond), David F. Walker (Bitter Root, Black Panther Party, Nighthawk), Alverne Ball (One Nation #1, One Nation: Old Druids, Across the Tracks), Marcus H. Roberts (The Protector, The Horn Island Trilogy, SONNY), Bradley Golden (Leave on the Light, These Damn Kids!, Cold Blooded), John Jennings (Kindred, Parable of the Sower), Brandon Easton (Mister Miracle, Kamen-Rider Zero One, Mosaic) and introducing actor Evan Parke (Captain America and the Winter Soldier).

“After the Kickstarter funded we had so many fans bummed out fans who messaged us about not being able to make a pledge,” said Bradley Golden, CEO of Second Sight Publishing, in a statement. “We wanted to give the fans of all those people involved in the project another chance to order and obtain this awesome title.” 

To order your copy, head here. Check out some pages below!