Writer Ollie Masters and artist Pierluigi Minotti are teaming for a new crime series from BOOM! Studios. Slow Burn follows a team of thieves as they hide out in a small town in Pennsylvania and encounter more than they bargained for. The series is set to debut in October.

Here’s how BOOM! Studios describes Slow Burn:

Hell is a place on Earth.

Fleeing from a botched robbery in New York City, a junkie, her dying partner, and a dementia-ridden old man pull into a mining ghost town in central Pennsylvania. Obscured by the caustic vapors spewed forth from a still burning coal-seam fire from the 1960s, Trier seems like the perfect place for the trio to lay low, maybe score a fix, and potentially take a hostage. But this ghost town might prove more lively than any of them think.

Along with a main cover by Matt TaylorSlow Burn #1 will also sport variant covers by a murderer’s row of incredible artists including Paul AzacetaTyler Jenkins, and Cliff Chiang.

In a statement about the series, Masters and Minotti elaborated on the themes of the series, and on why BOOM! was the perfect home for the book:

“This is a comic about a fire that’s been burning underneath a town for decades and will continue burning for centuries. It’s about desperate people with violent pasts living on the edge, looking for a way out” said Ollie Masters. “About how our parents shape who we are, for better and for worse. 
“After Snow Blind, I knew BOOM! would be the perfect home for a story like this and I couldn’t be happier to be working with Pierluigi, Hass and the rest of the team on this weird little crime comic.”

“The characters and story Ollie has created are incredibly unique and profound. I love working on these kinds of crime stories and with dark atmospheres and bad people,” said Pierluigi Minotti. “I couldn’t be happier BOOM! Studios and this amazing team have taken me on board to bring Slow Burn to life.”

Check out the variant covers by Azaceta and Chiang, plus design sheets by Minotti for the series’ main characters, below. Slow Burn #1 is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, October 25th.