Andy B
 sends along an image from his web comic RAISING HELL, which he describes as  “I Love Lucy meets George Romero. I’m starting season two on Halloween night and that will go for another year and a half. Season one has about 66 strips and is a plot-driven story as opposed to a gag strip.”

RAISING HELL appears on  the Transmission-x web site.


  1. Does any body else feel like Stan Lee needs to go away? I just read on another blog site, about him wanting Will Smith to play Captain America and turning the Beckhams into superheroes. I think he has long passed his usefulness. He is way out of touch and hasn’t done anything significant in decades. He obviously loves the spotlight, but come on, please have some dignity. What about his Stan Lee company that was going to develop all sorts of new comic properties and work in Hollywood, didn’t they crash and burn? Anybody remember Stripperella?
    The guy with the glue on hair really has lost all sense reality, and is bordering on being like the crazy uncle who tells the same stories over and over again at the holidays. Stan, sorry, but your time has past, give it a rest. R.I.P.!!!