Well, after a weekend fleeing from a computer virus, we’re back inside Stately Beat Manor to continue fleeing from coronavirus! It’s time for Weekend Reading 77Δ!

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Weekend Reading 77Δ
Weekend Reading 77Δ: Gamma Draconis & Tales from the Captain’s Table

AVERY KAPLAN: This week I’ll be checking out Star Trek: Tales From the Captain’s Table, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido. This mid-2000s collection of interlocking short stories spins out of the 1997 Captain’s Table series of novels, one of which I read for a Weekend Reading earlier this year. Then, as far as comics goes, I’ll be checking out Gamma Draconis by Benoist Simmat, Eldo Yoshimizu, and Lauren Bowes, and translated by Marc Bourbon-Crook.

Weekend Reading 77Δ
Weekend Reading 77Δ: DC Super Hero Girls: Ghosting

TAIMUR DAR: I’m an unabashed fan of current DC Super Hero Girls cartoon that Lauren Faust developed. With the new episodes currently on hiatus now that the summer is over, I’m gonna check out the DC Super Hero Girls: Ghosting graphic novel written by Amanda Deibert and drawn by Yancey Labat. I’m also going back to finish Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth where I last left off with the “Unnatural Habitats” storylines.

Weekend Reading 77Δ
Weekend Reading 77Δ: Judges: Lone Wolf

DEAN SIMONS: Over the last week I have been checking out The Judges series of novellas that act as a prequel to the world of Judge Dredd, showing the early days of the Judges and their own form of the justice system. The Avalanche, from Michael Carroll was a very intriguing introduction and despite the disappointingly woeful read of Charles J. Eskew’s messy When the Light Lies Still, I hope to carry on my readthrough this weekend with George Mann’s Lone Wolf. As for comics, I have been reading through old school Incredible Hulk with the sublime art of Herb Trimpe. I am somewhere around issue 151.