It’s Free Comic Book Day! Are you heading to your local comic shop to pick up some of this year’s FCBD offerings?

Although it will come as no surprise, The Beat team is once again planning on spending our weekend reading… and as always, we hope to hear what you’re reading, as well! Give us a shout-out in the comment section, or over on social media @comicsbeat!

Weekend Reading 73Δ: FCBD!

BILLY HENEHAN: Woo hoo! Free Comic Book Day! My daughter joined me for FCBD 2019, and is excited to join me again this year after its long hiatus. At the time of this writing, we’re patiently waiting for Forbidden Planet NYC to open its doors. She’s excited for the kids comics she’s about to get. I’m excited for the chance to read them to her.

Weekend Reading 73Δ
Weekend Reading 73Δ: Billy Summers & Maison Ikkoku Vol. 2

AVERY KAPLAN: I checked out Maison Ikkoku: Vol. 1 by Rumiko Takahashi after seeing fellow Beat writer Adam Karenina Sherif had been reading it a few weeks ago, and I was swiftly hooked by this charming, gorgeously rendered tale — so this weekend I’ll be reading Maison Ikkoku: Vol. 2. Then, as far as prose goes, I can’t let a Stephen King novel pass me by, so I’ll be checking out Billy Summers.

Weekend Reading 73Δ
Weekend Reading 73Δ: A Brief History of Seven Killings

DEAN SIMONS: Following an utterly exhausting week of packing, moving and the whole insanity between, I plan to rest and continue reading Marlon JamesA Brief History of Seven Killings. I am now about halfway through the mammoth tome and am in two minds about it. When it is good, it is enthralling; when it isn’t it really drags. The writing is stellar, however. James really has a feel for the inner voice for so many diverse characters that I hardly need to use the dramatis personae at the front of the book to remind myself who’s who anymore. 

Weekend Reading 73Δ
Weekend Reading 73Δ: Ambush Bug

TAIMUR DAR: I know quite a few people here at Stately Beat Manor are fans of Keith Giffen’s Ambush Bug character. And it just dawned on me that reading the original 1985 miniseries and subsequent series has been on my agenda for years along with so much other media. So I’m taking the weekend to finally read it on the DC Universe Infinite platform. I’m also continuing my reading of John Ostrander’s original Suicide Squad run.