It’s weekend reading 37, the first entry for the final month of 2020. We don’t want to say “good riddance,” but we’re going to be quite enthusiastic as we count down to midnight on New Years Eve here at Stately Beat Manor!

For now, we’ll be curling up and weathering the long nights with some reading. What are your reading plans for this weekend? Let The Beat know in the comments!

Weekend Reading 37
Weekend Reading 37: Rise of the Ogre

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’ll be re-reading Rise of the Ogre by Gorillaz, as I’ve been listening to Song Machine non-stop and my copy of the 2020 Almanac has yet to arrive. As far as prose goes, I’ll be reading The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi. I’m not sure what it’s about but the title seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

Weekend Reading 37
Weekend Reading 37: The Mandalorian Season One Artbook

TAIMUR DAR: As pre-ordered The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season 1) a few months ago and it just arrived this week. After the amazing current season, it’s more than likely we’ll get a Season 2 art book. Until then and with only two episodes left of the current season, I’m feeding my Grogu love with the art book!  

Weekend Reading 37
Weekend Reading 37: Paul at Home

PHILIPPE LEBLANC: The Comics Beat is preparing it’s “Best of 2020” list and it showed me there are a few gaps in my readings this year. In particular, Paul at Home by Michel Rabagliati, Cuisine Chinoise: Five Tales of Food and Life by Zao Dao, with Diana Schutz & Brandon Kandor and Heart of the City by Christina “Steenz” Stewart. Some fantastic books came out this year and there was no way to get to everything, but this is a good start.

Weekend Reading 37
Weekend Reading 37: Everything Will Be Okay

GREGORY PAUL SILBER: It’s hard to overstate how much 2020 has been characterized by catastrophe, so it feels appropriate to read a comic that asks “what if every possible disaster happened at once?” That’s the premise of Everything Will Be Okay, the newly-collected miniseries from Caliber Comics written by Matt D. Wilson (no relation to acclaimed colorist Matthew Wilson), drawn by Rodrigo Vargas, colored by Joe Hunter, and lettered by Josh Krach. I’ve been a fan of Wilson’s for almost a decade through his podcast War Rocket Ajax (co-hosted by fellow comics writer/critic Chris Sims), so I’m stoked to finally read one of his comics.