§ Director Chris Columbus reveals how far the HARRY POTTER cast has come

“My biggest pride is seeing the pictures now, and watching the three of them from a distance, and seeing them do an entire scene in one shot,” said the director of the first two “Harry Potter” films, which were released in 2001 and 2002. “Seriously, I know that sounds funny, but in the old days — and, you know, the old days meaning eight years ago — and in that first picture in particular, it’s filled with cuts because they couldn’t really get beyond the first line without either looking into the camera, laughing or looking at the lights.”

§ Director James McTeigue reveals he’s probably NOT working on a Superman movie, but considering that he wanted it to be “super dark,” we are just as glad, because what the world DOESN’T need is another superdark Superman!

§ Lovable eccentric Wes Anderson has just made a goofy stop motion animation movieand wants to spin a comic seen in one scene off from it:

So he and head storyboard artist Christian De Vita put their heads together and came up with their brand-new superhero.

“[Christian] was very good at these kind of drawings and he became the artist that does ‘White Cape.’ We sort of made this comic book series,” said Anderson. “He has posters and we have some pages. We didn’t ever figure out any full stories, but in fact he wants to do some ‘White Cape’ comics now. So maybe we will be developing that property.”

§ Last night’s premiere for TWILIGHT: NEW MOON may have been the dawning of a new epoch for humanity, but it was a washout for standing up straight. Posture, people! Also, watch out for squinting!

47 Robert Pattinson

55 Kristen Stewart

48 Taylor Lautner

Frankly, we’re still amused by Robert Pattinson’s popularity, but each generation gets the heartthrob it deserves.

35 Stephenie Meyer
BONUS! Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer.


  1. It’s interesting that the photo of Ms. Stewart has her smiling since a recent PopEater piece on her quoted a star watcher as saying that if she keeps frowning so often, she’ll need plastic surgery in a few years.


  2. Funny, Meyer looked thinner in her crappy Blue Water biopic comic book.

    Meanwhile as for a good movie based on a fantasy book written by a female author, I recently went to see the Harry Potter Exhibit for a friend’s birthday. (Oddly it was at the Boston Museum of Science.) They had costumes from the kids in the first movie and they were amazingly tiny. I also saw a costume worn by Twilight’s Patterson. I put up a cross with my fingers, but now I realize that likely would make it sparkle. The Vampires run on the power of Christ and the Church of Latter Day Saints, right?