By Daniel Lodge

Adventure Time is ending this fall.  After 10 seasons of mind bending adventures, psychedelic dungeons, complex character development, and deep world building, Adventure Time will have finally come to a close.  The Beat had a chance to sit down with Executive Producer Adam Muto, and voice talents John DiMaggio (Jake), Jeremy Shada (Finn), and Olivia Olson (Marceline), to ask them to highlight some of their most memorable experiences in making the show.

Question:  Olivia, what is your favorite song that you got to sing as Marceline in Adventure Time?

Olson:  They’re all so good, My favorite song and the one that sticks in my mind are two completely different ones- the one that sticks most in my mind is the Marceline’s Diary song- and that was written by Cole [Sanchez], god bless him, and it was so weird.  I couldn’t get the weird intonations down.

Q:  That was the episode where they hid in Marceline’s closet, right?

Olson:  Yeah so it’s like “Hello-journal-its-me,” and that was probably the longest song we did because I was just like what is this song? and they had to bring him down to sing it line by line. So that’s the one that sticks the most in my mind but I think my favorite song is probably a tie between “Everything Stays” with Rebecca Sugar, and “I’m Just Your Problem”.

Q:  Finn also had a lot of singing going on as well througout the show, what was your favorite song to perform?

Shada:  He does!  He does.  That’s hard, I think over time, the one fans want me to sing the most is the “baby finn punch yo buns song,” It’s comedy you know?  It has a very nice comedic purpose and it is just fun to do at a panel.  At first I was like what is this? But now its one of my favs.

Q:  Adam, you worked with Japanese director and animator Masaaki Yuasa in the Adventure Time episode “Food Chain”.  Was there anyone you really wanted to work with but didn’t?

Muto: I really wanted to do a Don Hertzfeldt directed episode.  We were even talking to him during the last season but it got cancelled.  So that was the one director I wanted to get in before the show ended.

Q:  John, What are you going to miss the most about playing Jake?

Dimaggio:  Getting paid.  No I’m sorry that sounded really crass, I think… I got really emotional after the last record, and it snuck up and it hit me, punched me in the back of the head, like, babbling-crying. I think what I’ll miss the most is that there is a lot of me in Jake, and I’ll miss that connection between me and that character and I’ll always be fortunate enough to have it even when the show is done.

Q:  When you guys voice act, are you recording with each other or are you doing it independently?

Shada:  We usually do all together, I mean, occasionally if someone couldn’t be there due to scheduling, then no, but usually we almost always had.  For me it was almost always me and John, but we usually have everyone there which is more fun.  You get to know your castmates, and I think you kind of have a better chemistry and you hear that in the show.

Q:  What will fans think of the finale?

Dimaggio:  Some of them won’t like it because the world comes to a halt, that world stops.  All of a sudden, this endless pallette of color and beauty-this whole world stops.  You’re all of a sudden at the edge of it and you thought it was round and it turns out our world is flat.  That’s what they’re going to hate!  And that happens in the last episode of every television show.

Muto:  I think this story is over, and hopefully it feels like the world does keep going without us watching. That would be satisfying.

The Series finale of Adventure Time “The Ultimate Adventure” airs on Cartoon network September 3rd.

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