Here’s an announcement you would never have seen coming – Marvel have announced Revolutionary War, a new miniseries by writers Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill which’ll feature MI13, Deaths Head II, Digitek, Dark Angel and many more of the Marvel UK characters.


Marvel list the cast as including Deathshead II, Dark Angel, Motor Mouth, the Knights of Pendragon, Digitek & Warheads and MI13. The story will see the Psycho Wraiths causing trouble at the behest of a mystery villain. Starting in January, not much is known about the series so far beyond the cast.

Wait! Cancel that. Lovely Ben Morse at has an interview with the writers, which explains things in a bit more detail:

We want to have as many cameos and appearances as we can cram in so expect many ‘Easter Eggs’ cropping up as we return to several of the old haunts from the Marvel UK universe: The Museum of Antiquities, MI-13, Darkmoor and a few more.

It appears that the story will start when S.H.I.E.L.D. send MI13 a request for help, which is answered by various Marvel UK heroes. The miniseries will feature a number of guest artists – it looks like a different artist for each issue, as far as I can tell – and will start in 2014.


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