I'd say something funny but... I just really want it.

At Image’s Creator-Owned panel, Image did what Image does best – original books by independent creators. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will be releasing a series of original graphic novels called Album. Each volume will be a completely original idea, and the plan is to bring out a new one every year. The books will be simultaneously released in France – sounds like they’re really gunning for the Angouleme Prize and the European market!

Brian K. Vaughan announced his new, epic ongoing called Saga, about a family surviving a galactic war – the artist will be Fiona Staples. Howard Chaykin is bringing out a sequel to his controversial graphic novel Black Kiss, entitled Black Kiss II. Jonathan Hickman will be creating a new series called The Manhattan Projects, about the scientists who created the atomic bomb. He’ll also be bringing out another book, a spy story called Secret, which may become an ongoing title.

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  1. When will someone adapt “Black Kiss”?

    I took a look at a description of BLACK KISS. Not impressive. It suggests that Chaykin was trying to shock and push buttons. The vampire element is newly outdated.

    I wonder if Chaykin ever explained why he spelled “Boniface” with two ens.