By Todd Allen

The Cup o’ Joe panel had a few announcements and has taken the first step to solving some of the solitication mysteries spinning out of “Marvel Now.”  A lot of it seems to be spun out of AVX.

So let’s count off the new stuff:

A-Babies Vs X-Babies – A one-shot written by Skottie Young and illustrated by Guruhiru.  I look at that and the first thing that pops into my mind is “Watchmen Babies” from The Simpsons.

A+X: New series with Jeph Loeb, Dan Slott, Dale Keown and Ron Garney mentioned as creators.  Whether they’re all collaborating or tagging off, I’m not entirely sure.  That’s an ongoing.

AVX: Consequences: 5 weekly issues from Kieron Gillen, Tom Raney and Mark Brooks.  Does sound a bit like an After School Special, with a title like that.

The new “Point One” will feature Nick Fury, Jr. and Jeph Loeb is teasing the word “Diamondhead,” which is either an old Nova villain or a volcano in Hawaii.  I’m thinking it’s Nova and related to the Marvel Cosmic rumors.  Multiple stories in this one-shot by a cast including Bendis/Fraction/Loeb/Spencer/McNiven/Allred,/McKelvie/Larrocca.

Uncanny Avengers was name checked, but nothing you haven’t heard before.


  1. This was not a good event. Why are they trying to prolong it?

    It is too much to hope for six or eight months without a huge line-wide crossover but can Marvel please at least stop giving Loeb work?

  2. They’re selling 175K+ copies of it and there’s a *massive* drop-off when you get past the cross-overs and Spidey. There are very real financial reasons to prolong it. That said, so far the *line-wide* crossover seems to be in the Ultimate universe, not the “regular” 616. Of course, it’s Friday and that may all change by Sunday. The series of relaunches might replace the crossover for the next few months. Maybe.

  3. It’s coming. Maybe not at SDCC, but it’s coming. Marvel doesn’t seem to work properly unless seven or eight issues per year of core titles have some kind of banner on them.

    It wouldn’t shock me if Marvel held off for Wizard Chicago just because they could get more excitement without all the movie and TV stuff going on.

  4. “A-Babies Vs X-Babies”

    Sold, based solely on that title.

    Though if I heard that Skottie Young and Gurihiru were the creative team on a book it would also have been an immediate sale, so that might obligate me to buy two copies.

  5. Stop this dumbness, Marvel Comics.

    Comic books are supposed to be fun. Supposed to be a delightful diversion from daily tasks. This stupid shit is more complicated than Trigonometry. I don’t understand what is so wrong with publishing a comic book called “X-Men” and a comic called “Avengers,” etc.

    This is confusing, you are confusing, I don’t care about these asinine spin-boots/re-offs. It isn’t hard to produce a series of adventure magazines if you aren’t a nerd about it. Let the readers be nerds. The boys in the office are such huge dorks, that they’ve made a publishing empire into a fanfiction ring.

  6. So… everyone loves the Skottie Young variant cover to AVX so much (it is adorable!) that Marvel decides to do a one-shot, and hires someone ELSE to do the artwork. Honestly, sometimes comic companies boggle my mind so much I don’t even know what to say…