Bioware, who is best known these days for the sci-fi RPG game series Mass Effect, has been toiling away on a brand new IP that looks to blend the trend of video games as a service and blockbuster action storytelling together like never before. Its project set to launch in February 2019 is called Anthem. You can team up with other players online to explore lavish alien worlds full of massive hostile fights to test the Iron Man style armor you’ll get to pilot. Just as with any other major game franchise, Dark Horse Comics is partnering with the development team to bring you The Art of Anthem.

The Art of Anthem showcases this dangerous new world with behind-the-scenes looks at the production of the game, original concept art, and exclusive commentary from the developers and Anthem Art Director Derek Watts. The book debuts February 26, 2019 right in the Anthem launch window.

Also mentioned today was an early tease about an upcoming Anthem comic book series from writers Mac Walters and Alexander Freed and artist Eduardo Francisco. We could potentially see more on this project soon as San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner.