More news through from San Diego, as Fantagraphics have announced that they’ll be collecting the webcomic ‘Sacred Heart’, by Liz Suburbia, as a one-shot graphic novel in 2015.


The publication of this collection is pretty interesting, as Suburbia will be completely redrawing the story for the book – which presumably would also give her a chance to tweak the storytelling as she sees fit, perhaps.

Sacred Heart is a story about a town where all the adults have gone missing, leaving their kids to pick up society and run in as best they can. Whereas in most cases this would lead to anarchy and crossbows and yelling, in Sacred Heart the story shows that society can more or less keep on functioning even through a dire situation like this. Sure, some aspects of the world collapse and don’t return, and there’s a constant question of whether things can be sustained – but for the most part, the kids are managing to do a half-decent job of things.

Sacred Heart will be released in Summer 2015. You can find the webcomic, still open, right here.