As always, Exhibit A wil be at the con, with signings and the friendly faces of Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, 2:30 pm: Batton Lash (writer), Bill Galvan (artist), and Bill Morrison (editor, cover artist) signing Bongo Comics’ Simpsons Super Spectacular #7, featuring the Radioactive Man story “House of Westinger.”

Friday, noon: Melissa Uran (Supernatural Law assistant, White Wolf artist); 2:15 pm: Victor Gorelick (editor), Batton Lash (writer), and Bill Galvan (artist) signing the first issue of the “Archie: Freshman Year” miniseries.

Saturday, 2:00 pm: Melissa Uran; 4:00 pm: Batton Lash (writer/artist) and Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment head honcho) signing Supernatural Law #45: “People vs. The Toxic Avenger.”

Sunday, 1:00 pm: Victor Gorelick, Batton Lash, and Bill Galvan signing “Archie: Freshman Year.”


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