200808050202When actor James Doohan — best known for his role as the Enterprise’s beloved and crusty engineer Scotty on STAR TREK — died in 2005, it was announced that his ashes would be rocketed into space. A fitting final resting place for someone who often went into that final frontier.

In 2007, a portion of Doohan’s ashes and those of about 200 others were sent up in a rocket that parachuted back to earth. However, just the other day, the remains were once again sent up in a privately funded rocket, this time with the expectation that they would go into orbit. However, it didn’t quite work out.

The ashes of “Star Trek” actor James Doohan, along with those of astronaut Gordon Cooper and 206 others who paid to have their remains shot into space, didn’t quite make it to their destination after the privately funded rocket carrying them broke apart after launch Saturday night.

According to news reports, the malfunction in the two-stage rocket was caused by a fuel leak.

The Web page of the ashes-to-space service called Explorers Flight was updated Saturday night to read: “The Explorers Flight mission appears not to have reached orbit tonight.”

Insert numerous Web jokes about how if Scotty had been the engineer, that thing would NEVER have broken apart.


  1. And people wonder why our space program has hit the wall for the last few decades, with useless crap like this going on…