That nice little update you get every once in a while from the San Diego con is now its own magazine, called Comic-Con Magazine. With a distribution of a quarter million copies, that’s not a bad idea.

Comic-Con, the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the United States announced today that they have implemented a major redesign of their Update Magazine.

“With all three of our shows, Comic-Con, WonderCon and APE, the Alternative Press Expo, continuing to grow both in terms of size and scope, it made sense to increase the amount of space in our magazine to highlight all the cool things happening at each of our shows,” commented David Glanzer, spokesperson for the non profit event.

The Update Magazine, which was printed three times a year and distributed via direct mail to 150,000 recipients as well as 100,000 to select comic book shops and specialty stores, will now be called Comic-Con Magazine. The print run and distribution will remain the same.

Glanzer continued, “Comic-Con Magazine will be standard magazine size which allows us more room for content, photos and up to date information on all of our events.” The inaugural issue features special reports on Comic-Con, WonderCon and APE as well as exclusive interviews with Comic-Con guests Bryan Hitch, and Rutu Modan.

Comic-Con Magazine will also feature contributions from leaders in the comics and popular arts fields. Issue one of Comic-Con Magazine features articles from contributors Mark Evanier, Shaenon K. Garrity, Maryelizabeth Hart and Jason Thompson.

Look for Comic-Con Magazine at your local comic shop, or email [email protected] to request a free copy.