Long interview with Sam Raimi at MTV Movie News. He talks a lot about SPIDEY 4, but it sounds like he’ll have a far less hands on role.

Over the last few months, however, Raimi and Marvel have decided to be more receptive of reinvention. “I won’t be working on the story,” he revealed, insisting he’ll adopt a hands-off approach. “It’ll be a brand-new writer coming in with a brand-new story — a fresh take on the Spider-Man series.”

This “fresh take” might not only include the comic’s most obscure supervillains, but also entirely new story lines that diverge from (or even contradict) plot details from the three Tobey Maguire flicks. “We’re hearing different versions right now and really enjoying the different stories,” Raimi said. “Hopefully, we’ll hear one that sounds right for the fourth installment.”

But far dearer to our hearts, a fourth EVIL DEAD movie is still not impossible!

Having long dreamed of a fourth chance to get “Evil,” Raimi said the time might be nearing. “Maybe we’ll make another one; it would be nice to at some point, if I could get together with Bruce and Rob, and we could get a story together and the financing,” Raimi said. “A lot of things would have to come together, but it would be nice.”


  1. As much as I love Bruce Campbell, he’d need to hit the gym hard to do ED 4… although I suppose they could get some comedy out of Ash being older and really out of shape.