By Erica Friedman

On June 30th, Toei Entertainment celebrated the birthday of Sailor Moon herself, Usagi Tsukino, with the announcement of a global digital release of the manga translated into 10 languages as part of the Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project.

According to the Sailormoon Digital-Sp site, as of July 1st, the manga is available digitally in Japanese, English, French. German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Thai and Portuguese.

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon Eternal Edition, Volumes 1-4 are available on Amazon Kindle and comiXology in English. According to the comiXology press release, future volumes will be released simultaneously along with print.

Toei also announced the release of the 4th season of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime as two theatrical-release movies in 2020. The newly mastered original anime and the first three seasons are available in English from Viz Media.

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