Sad news for Beat readers over the reported that Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman is a no-go:

EW has learned that actress Jessica Biel has decided to pass on playing Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of Justice League of America. The former 7th Heaven star had been in early talks to play the Amazonian princess.

Jessica Biel…


Jessica Biel… =(


  1. There were some rumors about a Bollywood star playing Wonder Woman. Can’t recall the name, but she was beautiful, and looked far more Wonder Woman-ish than Biel.

  2. That was a nice surprise in my RSS reader this morning Heidi. And the next headline in my readers “The Bottom Line.”

    As to Wonder Woman, I’m not heartbroken to see Beil out of the running. Even with Joss out of the picture I still can’t see anyone but a href=”,%20Morena”>Morena Baccarin in the role.

  3. Okay, so if Joe Quesada okayed a cover image like the beach photo of Biels?…yeah, that would pretty much generate the next wave of “Joe Quesada is an Unrepentant Misogynist!” across the Femi-Blogoverse.

    Here? All in good fun!

  4. it’s National Celebrates Jessica Biel’s Ass Day! Yippee!
    I discussed the matter with my coworkers, and all did not think her suitable. Warner would be wise to pick an Indian starlet to increase the international box office and give the Justice League some international cred. They would also rate some money by casting lesser known talent, like the first Superman and Xmen movies.

  5. Chopra would make a fine WW, although it’d be even nicer to see a Greek actress in the part. Me, I’m still relieved that Joss “the movie will be called Wonder Woman but I’m changing everything else” Whedon is no longer involved.

  6. I can’t say as I’m surprised this didn’t happen. I’m not a fan of this project to begin with and honestly I don’t see the point in making it. That’s just my opinion. Anyway, any Jessica Biel pictures are good.

  7. “Warner would be wise to pick an Indian starlet to increase the international box office and give the Justice League some international cred.”

    Agreed. Although I think I’ll wait until Caucasian American actors start getting cast in European films. Chopra is beautiful (speaking as a fan of Indian women) but there’s plenty of out-of-work actors in America.

  8. Caucasian American? Really?

    And do you really think that they’re going to be hiring an out-of-work actor to play Wonder Woman? That’s like saying, “It’s a shame that the Jaromir Jagr has to play for the Rangers, since there are plenty of out-of-work American hockey players who would just love to have a chance to win a scoring title.”

  9. Yeah, you’re right … those out-of-work actors like John Travolta ruined PULP FICTION ;)

    They could always go the unknown route, too …

  10. Daum!! Back that ass up Jessica!! :)

    Sadly, they probably did not make Wonder Woman sexy or slutty enough for the Bielster. ;)

  11. Thank the Goddess ( ;) ) that Biel turned down the role. I mean, the announcement that she was joining the movie was an unprecedented jump-the-shark-during-casting moment, so (identity) crisis averted.

    That said:

    1) The character is Greek, so suggestions of Ash or any other Indian is patently absurd, IMO. I mean, you’re really talking Bana-Migdahl Amazons with them. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the comics.)

    2) There’s really only one person to play Diana now that Lauren Graham is more age-appropriate for Athena, Aphrodite or Hippolyta: Morena Baccarin (Firefly’s Inara, who was already a take on Wonder Woman as a Courtesan), who looks very Mediterranean. And don’t tell me that she’s too short to play an Amazon. Diana’s powers are supernatural in origin. Her height doesn’t matter. She’s got the on-screen personality and general body type, even given her height.

    Also, if they can cast a 6-foot-tall actor as Wolverine, they sure as heck can cast a five-foot-and-change actress as Wonder Woman. Because she’s simply right for the role.

    — Rob