American artists and animator Teagan Gavet is the fourth nominee for this years’ Russ Manning Award, nominated for her work as artist for Sofawolf’s hand-painted graphic novel Norgard: Across Thin Ice.

One half of a collective called ‘Blotch’, Gavet lays out and pencils their collaborative works while creative partner Tess Garman paints. This is why she’s the half of the pair who has been nominated for the award, y’see. The pair have previously created several other works, mainly published by Sofawolf, including the interactive webcomic Dog Dogs of Summer which ran for a year. They have an extensive back-catalogue of work together, which can be found on the Sofawolf website.

You may know her from her other alias, BlackTeagan? She’s rather well-regarded in the furry community, and her books are commonly cited alongside works like Mouse Guard as some of the strongest works in the ‘furry lit’ genre. With the first part of their planned Nordgard trilogy complete, Gavet has now started work on part 2, which is tentatively scheduled for later in the year.