Are Scandinavian comics the next big thing? We’re not sure if a big thing is even possible anymore, but they are one of the freshest, funniest new waves of comics out there, and the scene is definitely producing some amazing young artists who will make a mark in the future. However, the cartoonists that are already here are pretty good, too. You know we worship at the alter of laconic Norwegian adventure poet Jason, but we also laugh at the zen antics of the Dongery crew (also from Norway), who always make a strong showing at SPX. Plus, Top Shelf has just released FROM THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, the first ever English anthology of Swedish comics.

Then there’s Martin Kellerman’s ROCKY, one of the most popular comic strips in Sweden, but don’t take that as damning with faint praise…it’s a lovingly savage look at slacker life that translates very well, using an anthropomorphic cast of characters. Fantagraphics released a volume of ROCKY reprints back in 2005, and a new one is on its way. To pave the way, Fantagraphics is running Rocky online DAILY.. You must sign up for the FBI site, but it’s FREE and it is WORTH IT! Skoal! Now no signup is needed! Just go and enjoy.

Fritz The Cat meets Jane Austen!?! This mostly autobiographical daily strip details the rudely hilarious travails of a young cartoonist and his layabout pals and neurotic girlfriends. Basically, it’s the pottymouthed animal-headed Seinfeld-esque comic strip we’ve all come to love. A smash hit in its native Sweden, presented in English for the first time. Join us Monday through Friday for a new daily strip, with a rolling archive of a week’s worth of strips. (If you’re eagle-eyed you might notice the occasional gap in the numerical sequence; a few of the original strips have Swedish cultural references that don’t translate for non-Swedes, so we’ve omitted them.)

Bonus: Our own interview with Kellerman from 2005.



  1. Hey Heidi, thanks for posting this — actually NO signup is required to read the daily Rocky strips on We just removed the signup requirement for our webcomics so that more people can enjoy them. If you could amend the article, we’d be most grateful. Thanks!

  2. I certainly do hope we see more scandinavian comics -and see it be the next Big thing, as it were. I think they have a lot to contribute to the scene and can only be a good influence. I know in Norway they are very entushiastic and proud of their cartoonists, and while they have an assortment of genres mostly what you see on the comic racks have a bent towards humor, which would be great if we had more of here (maybe we could have some Uderzo/Stan Lee hybrid style become popular here -start a new genre:)). And while most are familiar with the genius that is Jason -Scandinavia’s more mainstream successes, topping the success of any import, have a certain alternative point of view as well, which is always refreshing to see in the number one spot.
    Such as Rocky, and to round off the top 3 sellers…
    Nemi (an alternative goth girl who won’t conform, by a female cartoonist, no less)
    Pondus (takes “loving” stabs at the working class)

  3. Not saying Uderzo is Scandinavian:) Only saying that humor comics like Asterix, Lucky Luke and Iznogood were/are popular there and makes Uderzo something akin to Stan Lee here. It’s what cartoonists grew up with there, along with Carl Barks, Franquin, Herge etc It’s really only in the last few plus years scandinavia (Norway anyway) has really started cultivating it’s own comic super stars.

  4. Thanx to Oliver for linking to Nemi, I love that strip. I found it a few yrs ago lost it and recently found it again and caught up. I also have the book. Great stuff.

    Another good one, a webcomic, is “Anders loves Maria” with I think is from Norway.