An exciting new creator-owned comics is always a thing to celebrate, and this one  is certainly packing some talent, bringing together writer Rob Williams (Amazing Spiderman, Wolverine, Star Wars, 2000AD) and illustrator extraordinaire, D’Israeli– aka Matt Brooker (Stickleback, Leviathan, Scarlet Traces, 2000AD).

Like me you, may be tired of yet another spin on the superhero genre, but I have to confess to being lured in by this premise:

ORDINARY tells the story of Michael Fisher, a divorced plumber who never sees his young son and who lives in a crummy one-bedroom apartment in Queens, New York. Michael drinks and smokes too much, owes a small amount of money to a local drug dealer and is always late for jobs. He’s pissed off everyone by this stage of his life, even his best friend and business partner.  He’s balding, has glasses and you wouldn’t look twice at him if he passed you in the street. He is one of the most unremarkable people alive. He is a loser.

And then one day everyone in the world gets super powers. Except for Michael.

Sounds like winning, the mother of all loser lotteries, right? Every single person in the world gets special powers apart from you. But a super-powered humanity is not the fun and games it sounds like, nor the utopia it has the potential to become. Instead it proves all too realistically destructive, as tiny arguments flare into huge fights, wars begin to be fought on a whole new level and general madness ensues.

Something needs to be done, and as the only none-powered person, it’s up to Michael to find a cure. But as someone who didn’t have a great opinion of himself even before power-gedden took place,will he be able to find the belief and cojones necessary to male things right?

I like that little switch of placing an ordinary guy in a world of extraordinary people, rather than the other way around, and am a huge fan of D’Israeli’s art, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Ordinary will launch in the Judge Dredd Megazine later this year, followed by a mini-series release from Titan for the US market, and then eventually as a graphic novel.



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