Lauzier Gerard
Numerous French-language outlets are reporting the death of Gérard Lauzier, a very well-known cartoonist/satirist who later had even greater success as a film writer and director. According to his Lambiek page, he created such comics albums as ‘Lili Fatale,” ‘Un Certain Malaise’ and “Al Crane.” As a filmmaker, he was best known for the hit ‘Mon père, ce héros.” which was remade as MY FATHER, THE HERO in America.

He was 76.


  1. Reading a couple of his albums such as “Memoirs of a Young Man” at a very young age was very influential as far as the loose drawing style and the kind of stories you could tell. I knew very little of his personal politics -and remembering being so disapointed:) All the same an amazing talent.